League Referee Development 2013/2014 Posted on May 29th 2013, in League News

A lot of join partnership working is taking place with the League, Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA and the Doncaster & District Junior Sunday League around referees. All the developments will hopefully improve the number of referees within the League and hopefully standards as well.


  • To increase the number of fixtures that have a qualified and registered referee.
  • To reduce the back-log of referees that have completed their basic referee course but have not completed their qualifying fixtures.
  • To provide more opportunities for referees to do qualifying fixtures quicker
  • To provide opportunities for Charter Standard Development and Community Clubs to complete an aspect of their development plan by becoming a referee academy. In turn provides the clubs with referees saying them a task of finding referees during the week.
  • To provide development courses/workshops for referees who officiate within the League
  • To provide support and guidance to referees, mainly though signposting them to the local Referee Society.

The above aims will be achieved by having in place the following projects which will be lead by a League appointed League Referee Secretary this will be Darryl Mycock (darryl.mycock@junleague.com)

The role of the League Referee Secretary can be seen at the end of this page.

The League Referee Secretary will receive support and guidance from the League committee and also the County FA Referee Development Officer.



League Referee Secretary and Sub-Committee

To manage the process outlined in this document with support and guidance from a referee sub-committee, made up of those interested in this area of work. Note members of the sub-committee can come from league committee members, member clubs, referees and external organisations.

Targets: To hold no less than 4 meetings during the season.

If you are interested in joining this sub-committee contact Darryl Mycock (darryl.mycock@junleague.com) to register your interest.

League Referee Academy

The League in association with Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA will be using referee development academies to help progress the development of referees within the area. All trainee referees (Level 9) will be allocated their qualify matches within the League referee development academy as part of their requirement to pass their referee qualification. 3 of these games will have to be at a “league referee academy”. This idea was piloted last year at Bessacarr FC and worked well. On a match day an assessor/mentor/ref coach will be present to aid the refs development and work with them.

A “league referee academy” is a venue that has multiple 11v11 pitches on the same site. Clubs will bid for this. To bid to be a “league referee academy” the club secretary must email the League Secretary a completed “league referee academy Request Form”. Ideally for this League viewpoint we could have several sites, based across Sheffield and Rotherham. If a club is granted “league referee academy” the club will lose that privileged if referees are not supported.

Once the refs have done their 3 games, then the League is to appoint them to fixtures within this League, ideally in the Under 13s (youngest 11v11 age-group) to build up experience to start up with. The idea put forward is to appoint them to games which do not have a qualified and registered referee. Some refs once they have done their required number of games may want to do adult only games and they will be need to be directed to Julie Brookes at SHCFA.

All level 9 refs of the scheme will be given a log sheet to be signed and the League referee officer is to collect and collate these and pass them on to SHCFA.

Target: A minimum of 2 academies to be created

To apply to be a referee academy complete this form and send to the League Secretary - complete the form (click here) to apply to be a referee academy

Mini-Soccer Referee Course:

This was started in April 2013 and will continue. This is a 3 hour course to allow people to referee mini-soccer games only. In essence it is to give people a taste of refereeing before they make the commitment to do the full basic referee course.  It also frees up those who are qualified and registered and have completed the basic referee course to do 9v9 or 11v11 fixtures within the League.

Target:  A minimum of 2 courses (subject to demand) to be held over the season. A minimum of 30 students to complete the course of which at least 3 will then go on to complete the full basic referee course within 2 years.

Basic Referee Course:

To have two league organised referee basic courses (subject to demand) during the season. This can be initially open to members of the league only with any remaining spaces offered to local leagues.

League Appointments:

Any qualified and registered looking for games in the League will be put in touch with the League Referee Secretary, who will allocate them fixtures. This will be in addition to the games that the league appoints officials from the referee academy or those who require additional games to complete their level 9 games.

2013-14: 500 fixtures covered in this age-range (U13 - U16)

2014-15: 650 fixtures covered in this age-range  (U13 - U16)

County FA / League Support Day:

To have a day where the local junior leagues and County FA staff spend a day together to share working practices, knowledge and experience. League officials to lean more about the day-to-day operations of the County FA referee department and related departments (governance and development). This is will build and develop important relationships between the League and County FA

Targets: 1 day event to take place

Referee ID Cards – Pilot scheme with partnership work with the Doncaster & District Junior Sunday League (DDJSFL)

More to follow about this at a later date.

Respect Monitoring

Referees will be encouraged to complete respect monitoring for all games appointed to. This will help further raise standards.

Targets: 75% return of respect scores for all appointed fixtures.

Referee Respect Code of Conducts

This will form part of the referee form to register with the League.

Referee Welcome Pack

A welcome pack will be sent out to referees when they register with the League. This pack will contain information about the League and the support networks available to them, ie Referee Association .

Targets: Welcome packs sent out within 14 days of the referee joining the league.

Referee Buddy System

For experience referees they will be asked to become buddies to the newly qualified officials. They will act as a sounding board.

Target: By the end of 2013/14 season to have 10 referees who act as buddies for no more than 10 newly qualified referees

League Referee Newsletter

This will increase communication between the Leagues and referees within the League.

Target: To be sent out by email every 2 months.

League Referee Survey

This is to monitor performance of the process put in place and also allow feedback to occur to help make improvements.

Target: To be performed in December, with a 50% completion  rate.


League development Referee workshops

To put on workshops/seminars for all registered League referees to help aid improvement and understanding. Also an opportunity to mention support networks available.


League Referees Officer Role

  • Appointing appropriate registered referees to designated fixtures.
  • To analyse feedback on referees and use this to shape appointments
  • To actively encourage young referees to officiate in the league and support their development by making them aware of the referees academy
  • Advocating the National Referees Development Programme
  • Leading League Referees meetings
  • Organising Training and CPD for League Referees and prospective referees
  • Ensuring that the League referee academies are running and meeting the criteria set.
  • Advocating the use of Full Time and Member Services for Referees
  • Establishing match day and pre-match contact protocols. To include when a referee should be paid, how much and the hospitality they should receive.
  • Promote an ethos of referees development within the league
  • To work towards the FA vision of providing a referee for every game.
  • To maintain a database of referee coverage that can be shared with the County RDO
  • To collate referee marks and share these with the County RDO
  • To support referees who have experienced significant misconduct at a league fixture

League Referees Officer Person Specification


  • IT literate- a LRO must have an email address
  • Well organised with good administration skills
  • Patient


  • Experience of refereeing
  • Familiar with Full Time